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Sir Garfield Sober


Considered one of the greatest all-rounders in Cricket history, Sir Garfield Sobers, more commonly referred to as Garry, represented the West Indies for 2 decades between 1954 and 1974. Captain of the ‘Rest of the World XI’ team during their 1970 tour of England, Sobers made his first appearance in first-class cricket 16 years old, moving on to play 383 first-class matches, amassing over 28,000 runs and taking over 1000 wickets. Knighted in 1975, Sobers has become a talented evening speaker and inspirational cricket speaker, proving to be a well worth addition to events across the country.

Named ‘Wisden Cricketer of the Century’ in 2000, Sobers has not only achieved a successful career but he has also set the record for highest test score, scoring 365- aged only 21.  Regarded as a ‘National Hero of Barbados’ by their Parliament in 1998, Sobers is considered a national treasure, and cricketing legend; this makes his stature as a after dinner speaker and cricket speaker even more sought after. An accomplished man both in his career, and throughout his life, Sobers is a renowned wordsmith who can begin a story with the audience and take them on a fully journey of interest and emotion.

Playing with a style that was both unique and elegant, Garry Sobers is a sporting talent, which will live long in the memory of those following the game. A man of passion and integrity for his sport, Sobers has become a real hit within the cricket speaker circuit. Telling stories of his journey through Cricket, from the dark backstreets of Bridgetown, to International sporting stardom, Sobers offers talks as a late evening speaker, which will captivate any sports fanatic; his strength of mind to climb to the top truly makes him stand out as a desirable cricket speaker, a fantastic addition to any event or function