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Sir Richard Branson

Achieving what most young entrepreneurs dream of becoming, Sir Richard Branson has accumulated incredible wealth and fame whilst still enjoying life to the full. Sir Richard built Virgin – the worlds most recognised brand and company from around the world. As a retail speaker and business speaker, Sir Richard focuses on Entrepreneurialism, Marketing and Innovation within a business as key factors in order to achieve success.

Having found Virgin Records in 1972, Branson proceeded to expand the business into a chain of record stores that later became known as Virgin Megastores. The firm experienced mass growth during the 1980’s, allowing Branson to set up Virgin Atlantic whilst still managing to expand his Virgin Records music label. Sir Richard is a terrific business speaker who engages with guests at every opportunity and demonstrates this as he discusses his corporate journey with anecdotes from the very beginning of his corporate adventure.

Richard strongly believes that “there is no point starting your own business unless you do it out of a sense of frustration”, along with an aim to create almost impossible business ventures against industry giants and strive to make your ideas work. This inspirational attitude to confronting established retail markets and revolutionising their structure makes Richard’s advice and insight highly sought after as a retail speaker.

Chances are that no one has had as much fun as Branson has had on his way to huge success. As of 2012, Richard is the 6th most successful businessman in the UK, with an estimated wealth of over $4 billion and is one of the most recognised names in the world of business.

Approachable, humorous and caring, Richard interacts with guests wonderfully as a retail speaker, also making him ideal to host an event or conference whilst ensuring key underlying themes for your event are established throughout.