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Sounds of Latin America - London

The Sounds of Latin America band for hire. Our traditional Latin music band is available to book for corporate events, Rio-themed events or music festivals in London & the UK.

The Sounds of Latin America band for hire are a wonderfully diverse Latin music collective who play a range of authentic Latin music rhythms and songs. The Sounds are an acoustic band who play a mix of South American music such as; Chilean cueca, Guantanamera, Mexican ballads, Venezuelan joropos, Paraguayan polkas, Andean huayno and much more.

A brilliant combination of countries is represented within the band; Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and the UK), which is what helps to give the band its distinct sound and vibe. The band is comprised of some of the most talented musicians who play a variety of instruments such as; the panpipes, guitar, cuatro, quena, Paraguayan & Venezuelan harps and of course the vocals.

Our talented Latin band is a hugely talented collective have performed at a wide range of events and have even performed around the world. The band have performed in Spain, Italy, France and Bulgaria where they performed to a TV audience of 8 million. The Sounds of Latin America are the perfect entertainment option to book for events such as corporate functions, Rio-themed events and much more.

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