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Steel Band - UK

Our Steel Band is available for hire for weddings in London & the UK.

Our talented Steel Band comes with a perfect mix of a live band and a mobile DJ. This talented band are renowned for their steel drummer who is guaranteed to have all the guests up and dancing on their feet. Regardless of what the theme of your event is, our Steel Band will provide the very best entertainment for your event to ensure that your guests have a memorable experience.

You have the option to book this act as a solo drummer or with additional musicians.Our exquisite group of musicians perform their music with backing tracks with more than 14 genres with a Caribbean twist. This makes our band the ideal act to feature at your event as they can perform a variety of genres suitable for any event!

Book our Steel Band for weddings, corporate events and much more in London & the UK.


Watch it Here!

Take a look at our Steel drummer in action! With his melodious and rhythmic drum beats, our drummer can be accompanied by more than one musician to give you and your guests the best possible experience. No matter what your event is, our Steel Band would be an excellent act to feature at your event. 

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