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Stephen Tompkinson

October, 1965, Stephen Tompkinson was born I Stockton-On-Tees and has gone on to create a great career out of acting. Initially inspired by his grand-dad to take up acting he went on to attend the Central Drama School which he graduated from at the age of 23. Having become very accustom to the media scene, Stephen worked on the stage, radio, television and the big screen. Stephen referred to his grand-dad as a comic genius and without him he would be where he is now as he wouldn’t have had the inspiration to start acting.

His TV roles have varied massively which demonstrates his skill in acting as he is able to suit many different characters. The keen cricket player has quite a reputation as he once scored two more Brian Lara when they were both playing on the same team. 1994 became a good year for Tompkinson as he was awarded the Best Comedy Actor for his many roles before.