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Street Slide - Cheshire

Giant Street Slide for hire. Our 50ft water slide is available to book for family fun days, outdoor events or public events in London & the UK.

If it’s an adrenaline rush you seek then look no further as we have the perfect attraction for you. Our giant street slide for hire is the perfect addition for your family fun day. This inflatable ride will leave your guests in awe as they marvel at this incredible monster.

Our 50m twin lane street slide is made from industrial strength PVC which ensures that it’s strong enough to accommodate everyone. The slide is set up on a rubber mat which helps to get rid of sharp ridges and bumps ensuring a smooth and thrill- filled ride down. The giant street slide is then constructed and kept inflated by several 1.5hp blowers. We then apply sand bags in order to keep the slide safely weighted down.

Once it is set up, the fun begins. A soapy mixture is applied throughout the slide in order to propel people forward and make sure they hit the maximum speeds. Depending on the incline of the hill, sliders will be able to reach speeds of up to 12mph! We encourage people to bring their own chosen mode of rubber carriage in order to have the most fun possible. However, we do stock a supply of inflatables in case anyone forgets. We can also include our speed screen and radar gun for extra fun.

Children as young as 5 are welcome to ride the slide of fun. Our giant street slide has 2 lanes which means it’s able to accommodate up to 100pph. Our giant street slide is perfect for all the family to enjoy.

Giant Street Slide for hire. Book our 50ft Street Slide for family fun days in the UK & London.
Giant Water Slide for hire. Book our Giant Street Slide for public events in the UK & London.
50ft Street Slide for hire. Book our Giant Water Slide for summer festivals in London & the UK.
Giant Street Slide for hire. Book our 50ft water slide for corporate events in London & the UK.

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