Stuart Pearce

Former international football player turned coach Stuart Pearce has crafted a successful career for himself after playing days made their conclusion. Most notably Stuart was the manager for the Great Britain football team in the London 2012 Olympics, the manager of the under 21’s England team as well stepping in to handle Manchester city and former Nottingham forest. After all these amazing achievements Stuart resides as an after dinner speaker, offering specialist insight into the life of a footballer.

Kicking off his football career in 1978 with the Wealdstone club, Pearce retired from domestic duties in 2002 after his time with Manchester City. In his playing years, Pearce represented England 78 times and scores 5 times.
Enjoying his most prolific spells during his time at Nottingham Forest during the Brian Clough years, Pearce spent the most part of his 12-year spell at Forest as club captain. Stuart Pearce was offered the role as a coach in 2001, and moved ranks to team manager in 2005. His ability to balance his coaching and playing commitments are just testament to his excellence and professionalism- skills which he transfers into his late evening speaker role, specifically offering an insight into the life and roles of a football player.

Throughout his amazing career he has been seen winning over 800 international and domestic caps as well as scoring over 80 goals. Stuart Pearce is motivated man who has dedicated his life and ambition to football as both a player and a manager making him a true testament to the sport. He is in the perfect position to offer the service of football speaker due to his long list of experience.

When booked, Stuart goes in depth and offers a special insight into the life of a player, a manager, a fan and just how to be the most motivated person you can be.