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Summer & Carnival-Themed Stilt Walkers

Summer & Carnival-themed Stilt Walkers for hire. Our carnival walkabout acts are available to book for family fun days, music festivals or summer fetes in London & the UK.

Our Summer & Carnival Stilt Walkers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for your events. These stilt walkers are a unique and exciting feature for any event. With their brightly coloured costumes, our stilt walkers will entrance and entertain crowds of all ages and sizes. 

Stilt walkers and walkabouts acts have become increasingly popular and are an intriguing talking point that will keep guests entertained and will create memories that will last a lifetime. Some of the themed stilt walkers we have include; Hawaiian Hula girl, Rio-Carnival themed stilt walkers, Sunflower stilt walker, Poppy themed stilt walker and our favourite birds of paradise themed stilt walkers.

Our Summer & Carnival-themed Stilt Walkers would be perfect to hire for; family fun days, carnivals, parades, summer parties, corporate event, Rio-themed events, Hawaiian themed events, corporate events and product launches.

Summer & Carnival Stilt Walkers for hire. Our carnival-themed stilt walkers are available to book for carnivals in London & the UK.
Flower Stilt Walker for hire. Book our summer-themed walkabout for family fun days in the UK & London.
Hawaiian Stilt Walkers for hire. Our Hula Dancer Stilt Walker is available to book for beach-themed events in London & the UK.
Birds of Paradise Stilt Walkers for hire. Our carnival walkabout acts are available to book for summer-themed events in London & the UK.

If you would like to view more stilt walkers to hire for corporate events, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more family fun day entertainment to book for your event in London & the UK.