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Superman for Hire - Leicestershire, UK

Superman for hire near London for events, parties and fun days

After many remakes of the classic comic book movie, Christopher Reeve’s Superman has returned to Earth in the form of our Superman lookalike! Hire our Superman lookalike for family fun days in the UK.

Reasons to Book This Artist

•    Uncanny likeness to Christopher Reeve in looks

•    Popular for fans of the classic films or character

•    An excellent form of interactive entertainment

•    Based in the UK and can perform internationally

•    His costume is an official movie replica of high quality

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For those who grew up through the 1980’s, or remain a fan of the superman character today, Christopher Reeve will always be considered one of the best Superman actors in the character’s history. With a simple yet strong, good guy attitude, Christopher Reeve brought the role to life in the several movies he appeared in. Our Superman lookalike looks very similar to Christopher Reeve which will bring real superhero themed entertainment to your next event.

The costumed entertainer is available to hire for all kinds of events from movie themed events to family fun days and corporate events. The Superman lookalike is available to book across the UK and internationally for superhero themed entertainment at your next event.

Our costumed entertainer is a walkabout act who would interest children as well as adults who love Superman and would enjoy the Superman lookalike. The Superman lookalike is a one man costumed entertainer act who is will entertain all guests with his interactive entertainment and superhero themed entertainment at your next event. 

Many Superman lookalikes fail to look like Christopher Reeve, however, our costumed entertainer is a real Superman lookalike being 6ft 4”, having blue eyes and the same facial characteristics. Being a true Superman lookalike ensures that our costumed entertainer is the perfect superman and can deliver the perfect superhero themed entertainment for any event. Guests will be shocked and wowed by how much our costumed entertainer looks like Christopher Reeve, a real Superman lookalike and a great walkabout entertainer!

Testimonials state that our costumed entertainer ‘looks like the real Superman’ and is ‘very professional and entertaining’. These testimonials emphasise how much our walkabout entertainment truly looks like Superman and Christopher Reeve and is a true Superman lookalike.

Our superhero themed entertainment is truly unique with a one of the kind superman lookalike. Book our costumed entertainer today for great walkabout entertainment and amazing superhero themed entertainment for your next movie themed event, wedding, corporate event, product launches and more in the UK and internationally. Experience the true superman with our superman lookalike and experienced costume entertainer who looks exactly like Christopher Reeve himself.