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Water Performers For Hire

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Real Mermaid for Hire
Real Mermaids
Aquatica Solo Swimming Show
Aquatic twins.
Aquatic Twins
Syncronised swimmers for hire. Book our swimming performers in the UK.
Synchronised Swimmers
water circus for hire. Book our water circus for your next event.
Water Circus Shows
Swim suit stunners for hire. Book Swim suit performers for hire you next UK event.
Swim Suit Stunners
The Amazing Synchronised Swimmers for hire. Book our bespoke water dancers for corporate events in London & the UK.
Amazing Synchronised Swimmers
Mermaid-themed water performers for hire. Book our underwater mermaid performers for corporate events, gala dinners or ocean-themed events in London & the UK.
The Beautiful Mermaids
The Aquatic Synchros for hire. Book our synchronised swimmers for brand activations or experiential events in London & the UK.
The Aquatic Synchros
Hire our water stuntman for product launches in London and the UK
Jet Ski Freestyler
Hire our water performers for family fun days in London and the UK
Extreme Jet Water Shows

We supply some amazing acts for underwater and aquatic-themed events. We have a large selection of Olympic-grade swimmers which are the perfect form of entertainment to hire for a wide array of events in London and all over the UK. 

If you have a water-themed event, an ocean-themed event or an aquatic-themed event, then look no further as we have just what you need. We work with acts all over the world to bring a high standard of water performance to corporate events and more across the country. 

We have a wide range of aquatic-themed performers. From walkabout water acts and water circus' to real mermaids for hire, our diverse collection will amaze and entertain audiences and crowds of all ages and sizes. If you have a lake or a private swimming pool then our Olympic-grade swimmers can perform excellent shows.

We supply Olympic-grade swimmers for events all over the UK and Europe. We provide some amazing water shows that can be hired all over the UK, Europe and the world. 

If you are looking for a water show such as a synchronised swimmer show, our talented performers are just what you need. These accomplished entertainers combine swimming, gymnastics and dance to create a truly stunning and elegant performance. 

Our Dancing Water Circus is a unique show that will take the breath away of your guests. We also have striking water entertainers who perform stunning routines that combine swimming, acrobatics and dance. Our real-life Mermaids are something to behold. These talented performers will blow you and your guests away with their mermaid skills. 

Our wide collection of water performers and synchronised swimmers are a talented group of performers who are perfect to hire for a vast range of events. From our Real-life Mermaids to our Water Circus, we can provide some truly stunning shows. These acts are available to book for corporate events, gala dinners, bespoke events and much more. 


If you would like to view more water performers to hire for gala dinners, then please take a look at our Pinterest board below. We also have a second Pinterest board where you can view more bespoke shows to book for luxury events in London & the UK.