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Sir Terry Leahy


Joining Tesco in 1979 as a marketing executive, sir terry Leahy climbed the corporate ladder to become chief executive in 1997. Sir Terry took the reigns and guided the global brand for a vast 13 years, turning himself into an international retail giant. Sir Terry was responsible for 1 in every 8 pounds spent in the UK whilst employing 350,000 staff in 2,000 stores Globally.
As a man of industry Sir Terry centres his speeches on the closer detail of retail such as product placement and consumer behaviour.

Before Leahy’s control of Tesco, his firm were dedicated followers of Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer’s, who were both corporate super powers in their respected industry. Leahy saw that in order to make progress along side such huge competitors, Tesco would need to break standard marketing practice and carve a new path the gain awareness and respect. One small feature of this move was the introduction of the Tesco’s club-card loyalty scheme in order to build a base of Tesco loyal customers as well as monitoring customer purchase habit. As a leadership speaker Sir Leahy uses is experience with Tesco to express different managerial technique and corporate transformation.

During talks as a keynote speaker, Sir terry focuses mostly on market research and company innovation as the basis for firm growth. He teaches how the use of all factors and variables in research is vital to creating perfect business strategy.

Sir Terry Leahy can be booked to speak at events in London and the UK in which her performs some extremely unique and enlightening keynote speeches.

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