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Sir Terry Leahy

Joining Tesco in 1979 as a marketing executive, Sir Terry Leahy climbed the corporate ladder to become chief executive in 1997. Sir Terry took the reigns and guided the global brand for a vast 13 years, turning himself into an international retail giant. Sir Terry was responsible for 1 in every 8 pounds spent in the UK whilst employing 350,000 staff in 2,000 stores Globally. 

•    Terry centres his speeches on subjects such as product placement and consumer behaviour

•    Before his control of Tesco, his firm was dedicated followers of Sainsbury’s and M&S

•    Uses his experience with Tesco to express different managerial techniques and corporate transformation

•    During talks as a keynote speaker, he focuses mostly on market research and company innovation

•    Highly experienced and knowledgeable in marketing and sales 

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