Registration Terms & Conditions

Before completing our artist and supplier registration form, we have some terms & conditions that you are required to read:

1. All field of this form must be completed in full, or it will be immediately discarded.

2. Please submit your form through the relevant image below. Any artists or suppliers who do not submit their act through the correct form, will not be applicable.

3. We only offer our clients the highest standard of images on our website. Any images that do not meet our quality requirements will not be accepted.

4. The description section of your form cannot be copied from other places on theinternet for website optimisation and originality purposes.

5. Due to our high volume of act/supplier submissions, only successful acts will be contacted.

6. Any & all images provided to Julia Charles Event Management must be legally owned by the supplier. Any images that you do not hold the distribution rights for will be in breach of copyright and not be permitted on our website.

Image Quality

We are frequently asked, "what is the level of quality expected in images?" Please see guidelines below:

  • High Resolution
  • Unbranded (No company logos, symbols or otherwise relatable features)
  • A strict minimum of 5 images or more.
  • No Mobile phone photos
  • Appropriately sized (No very small images)
  • Owned by you/your company. (We can only promote images that you own the rights to)