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The Acro Dancer - Rome

Acro Dancer available for corporate events. Our acrobatic dancer is available to book for award dinners or gala shows in Italy & the UK.

Take a look at our mesmerising acrobatic dancer. Our cirque-style acrobat will instantly captivate your audience as begins her performance which fuses together gymnastic dance moves and circus acrobatics. Our elegant acrobatic dancer will be sure to wow the crowds with her inch-perfect acrobatic routines.

Reasons to Book This Artist 

•    Stunning dance choreography

•    Passionate acrobatic performances 

•    Incredible flexibility, strength and poise 

•    Based in Rome, Italy
•    Can perform acrobalance shows & aerial shows

Acrobatic dancer available to hire in the UK for gala dinners.
Italy-based acrobatic circus performer available to book for corporate events.
Hire our cirque-style acrobatic dancer for award ceremonies.
Acrobatic circus performer available to book for product launches in Italy.

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The Acro Dancer is a superb acrobatic performer who will bring an abundance of grace and poise to your event. Our cirque-style contortionist can twist and bend in all directions and will demonstrate so in her show. 

Acro dance is a part of the acrobalance branch of acrobatic circus entertainment. Our versatile cirque-style acrobat can perform a wide range of circus acrobatics including aerial silks, adagio acrobatics and more. You will be amazed at the variety of shows our Acro Dancer can perform. 

Our talented acrobatic dancer blends together contortion, gymnastics, strength and balance to create this unique form of cirque-style entertainment. Our acro dance act can perform with or without props. The props she uses include; a ball, hula hoop and ribbon. Incorporating these elements of rhythmic gymnastics into her display shows the all-around talent and unbelievable capabilities of our act. 

This cirque-style entertainment is an homage to the internationally-renowned Cirque du Soleil which our acrobatic dancer has worked with. Our acrobatic circus performer is a brilliant crowd-pleaser that appeals to everyone. 

Our acrobatic dancer is an accomplished circus performer who is the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events including; corporate events, product launches or award ceremonies in Italy & the UK.