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The Animal Kingdom - London

Our after dinner dance show is available to book for corporate events, gala dinners or award ceremonies in the UK & the UAE.

Our high-end after dinner show is an exciting entertainment option that will be sure to captivate your audience at any event. This animal-themed entertainment features a range of talented entertainers such as aerial performers and ribbon dancers. 

Reasons to Book These Artists 

•    Have bases in Dubai and London 

•    High-end stage production

•    Features aerial performers & ribbon dancers 

•    Dynamic & highly-engaging after dinner show

•    Available to book worldwide 

Book our after dinner show for corporate events in the UK.
Our aerial performers are available to hire worldwide for gala dinners.
Hire our stage show for award ceremonies in the UK.
Our animal-themed entertainment is available to book for product launches across the world.

Animal-themed Entertainment - Watch our After Dinner Show Here!

Our after dinner show is a high-end production that has been performed worldwide. This exciting stage show features our acrobatic performers demsonstrating a range of skills such as acrobatics, aerial performance, ribbon dance and more. Our aerial performers and ribbon dancers will be sure to delight everyone at your next event. 

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Prepare to be amazed by our incredible after dinner show. This stage show features a range of talented entertainers that will delight your audiences. Our after-dinner show features ground-based ribbon dancers as well as aerial silk performers that come together to create an unforgettable experience. The show is about animals and features 2 groups; the Falcons and the Gazelles. The gazelles are represented by the ribbon dancers and the Falcons are the aerial silk performers. 

This immersive after dinner show is highly captivating and will be sure to leave a lasting effect on your audience. This dance show is a lively and graceful display that shows the beauty of animals. The show is about 2 groups of animals, the Falcons and the Gazelles. The show starts with the graceful Gazelles making their way onto the stage accompanied by their ribbons. They then start to perform effortlessly twirling and dancing with the ribbons. These ribbon dancers are then joined on stage by the Falcons. 

The Falcons start by setting up their aerial silks and easily blend with the Gazelles as they begin to dance. Later into the after-dinner show, our aerial silk performers then actually take flight as they begin to climb the silks. Our Falcons then begin to twist, tumble, balance and even do the splits whilst being suspended in the air. As the Falcons perform in the air and the ribbon dancers perform below, a wonderful atmosphere is created by these graceful and enchanting performers. This animal-themed entertainment is unique entertainment option that will captivate audiences across the world. 

Our aerial silk performers and ribbon dancers are an incredible group of performers who will create a wonderful atmosphere for everyone at your next event. This after-dinner show is available to hire for a wide range of events in the UK and across the world. Our dance show can be hired for corporate events, gala dinners or award ceremonies.