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The Wanderers - Birmingham

The Wanderers for hire. Our wandering tree creatures are available to book for family fun days, summer festivals or shopping centre events in London & the UK.

The Wanderers for hire are 2 ancient, tree-like creatures who have been wondering the lands for many years. This intriguing duo consists of the Warrior and the Priest. This walkabout act consists of 2 mythical beings who will slowly explore your event whilst interacting with your guests.

The Priest explores and investigates ancient relics whilst the Warrior leads the expedition and protects and the Priest. These towering creatures bring an understated nobility to any event they attend. With thousands of years of trekking over exotic lands, our Wanderers have a global approach that will enhance your event.

These stately creatures are a fascinating duo will excite and intrigue anyone they meet. The Wanderers are the perfect entertainment option to book for family fun days, corporate events, shopping centre events and much more.

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