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The Aerial Sparkle - London

London-based electric violinist for hire. Book our aerial violin performer for corporate events & brand activations in the UK.

Prepare to be amazed by The Aerial Sparkle for hire. This daring and truly exciting entertainer will blow you away as she plays the violin, whilst being suspended in the air! Our aerial violinist will really get hearts pumping as she calmly performs a range of well-known songs whilst sailing above the crowd.

Reasons to Book This Artist 

•    Literally, takes music to new heights 

•    Stunning & thrilling show of aerial acrobatics & violin 

•    Previous clients include; Porsche, V&A Museum & Muse 

•    Based in the UK 

•    Vast repertoire that ranges from classical music to pop & jazz 

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Our aerial violinist will create a spectacular circus show at your next event as she performs whilst being suspended in the air. This thrilling electric violinist circus show is a truly unique display that will leave guests wanting more. Our talented aerial violinist will easily turn upside down and spin around whilst being suspended from the aerial rig. This circus show is something that you can’t miss. This talented electric violinist is a stunning performer who will delight the crowds with her circus show at any event. Our aerial performer has many years of experience and knows exactly how to get the crowd going at any event.

This aerial violinist is an accomplished classical violinist and aerial performer who can also perform with an electric violin depending on the client’s preference. Our versatile electric violinist and aerial performer has literally taken music to new heights by performing whilst appearing to float in mid-air. This solo electric violinist acts as the perfect centrepiece and main circus show for any event. The aerial rigs our electric violinist uses can also come with a shimmering chandelier which instantly adds to the grandeur and elegance of the circus show. Our aerial violinist will be sure to create an unforgettable time for all.

This incredible electric violinist and aerial performer will captivate guests and audiences of all ages and sizes with her amazing circus show. Our electric violinist has performed for many well-known clients including; Porsche, the Henley Festival and the V&A Museum to name a few. This accomplished aerial performer and electric violinist will charm and delight everyone at your event with her unique circus show.

This elegant aerial violinist creates her stunning circus show by gracefully flipping whilst playing the violin, flying around the space whilst spinning and rotating and by playing the violin upside down. Our accomplished aerial performer has many years of experience and will be sure to leave guests thrilled with this exciting circus show. This exquisite electric violinist is truly a site to behold and will be sure to create a stunning time for all of your guests. This unique aerial performer combines the elegance of aerial acrobatics with graceful classical violin playing to create a stunning display that you’re not likely to have seen before.

Our aerial violinist has a wide-ranging repertoire that contains everything from classical songs to the pop hits and jazz standards of today. This talented aerial violinist will be sure to create the perfect ambience at any event. This aerial violinist is the perfect electric violinist to hire for a wide range of events including; corporate events, product launches and award ceremonies in London and across the UK. If you would like to book our aerial performer, simply get in contact today.