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The Aquatic Twins - Germany

Aquatic Twins for hire. Book our acrobatic swimming show for gala dinners, award ceremonies or bespoke events in London & the UK.

The Aquatic Twins acrobatic show is a spectacular show of 2 extremely talented synchronised swimmers. These 2 synchronised swimmers create a stunning spectacle combining swimming and acrobatics in a large custom made bowl of water. They gracefully swim around the bowl whilst performing to music and performing acrobatic routines. However, you better watch out if you are too close to the show! These ladies splash and flick their hair in a choreographed routine of strength and beauty seamlessly mixed together to create a bespoke show. 

If you are looking for a stage show for hire that is unique and has that wow factor for your corporate event then this swimming show is perfect. With brilliant lighting and music, this synchronised swimming show for hire is an awe-inspiring feat of brilliance. 

Aquatic Twins Footage

Take a look at some great video footage of this brilliant swimming and acrobatic show. The UV lighting enhances the performance to a whole new level and also means that once the acrobats are submerged you can see all the unique movements under the water.

The limited space in the glass hemisphere filled with water gives a special charm to this dance performance, in particular, because there are two artists.

In the mirrored performance moving emotions and fantastic light effects blend into a sea of magic. The Aquatic Twins are the magical perfection of Aquatica. 

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