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The Gambia Project

The Gambia Project

Project Management Training

Our Project Management Skills Training can be tailored as an in-house programme to address specific issues within your company.

* Defining exciting Project Outcomes
* Generating Ideas
* Delegating Effectively
* Strategies for Motivating the Project Team
* Practical Tools and Techniques and when to use them
* What to do when Things are Going Well
* What to do When They're Not
* Moving Projects on to a Successful Outcome

The first step to good project management is to get the mechanics right - like deciding what to do, planning tasks, setting deadlines and letting people know.

Good project management brings all the disparate elements together and unlike trying to herd cats, is a way to draw the best from people, skills and processes. Having a well thought through plan is fantastic but that won't guarantee a great outcome - sometimes people get in the way.

Our Project Management training takes you on the whole journey; from setting great outcomes, via handling the unexpected, through to celebrating success. Though it may seem so on the surface, Project Management isn't just about who's doing what when and this course helps explore the full depths of Project Management.

What is the Gambia Project
Julia Charles event managment have teamed up the Ossia project to supply a bespoke team building/Project Management training course.

Course duration: 7 days.

A unique opportunity for hands on project management experience! Apply project management skills and techniques in a 'real' project management situation with our new project management workshop.

The course itself will involve working as part of a team on a 'real life' project with the 'Gambia Project' enabling you to apply the theory and manage a project through to conclusion.

You will be testing yourself within the following areas:

*Research before your trip
*Plan/Build a Kitchen or toilet within a village
*Source goods and materials
*Hands on
*Teaching your key skill within a nearby school
*And many more hidden tasks to throw you off course

Is it right for me?
This workshop is ideal for those who are fairly new to project management and want to practice and develop project tools and techniques in a risk free environment. The workshop enables participants to learn by doing and to utilise new skills in a 'real' project environment.

In addition to the public date, this workshop is available to be delivered exclusively to your organisation and provides a great opportunity to give your project teams the chance to work together in a great practice environment.

 What will I learn?
During this course participants will be able to try out new skills in a risk free "live" case study.

  • Focuses on execution phase of project - often overlooked in traditional courses
  • Promotes collective decision making and team building
  • Balances cost, schedule, quality and human factors
  • Requires real teamwork under time pressure
  • Pass on life skills to young children
  • Leave a village with amenities for life

Pre-course Activity
Participants should work within project management or have equivalent skills and experience.