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The Great British Hospitality Bus

The Great British hospitality vehicle is a professionally converted double decker bus. Expertly modified with exquisite
attention to detail, this bespoke masterpiece is fully equipped to host an array of different hospitality requirements.
Within the vehicle is a complete media suite with TV and audio systems of the highest standard. The rear of the vehicle
houses a kitchen
area, as well as a bar on the top floor.
Luxury seating for guests is provided upstairs for dining or conferencing in comfort. For additional seating space, an
automatic awning complete with side skirts extends from the left hand side.
The roof of the bus features an innovative lifting system which allows travel across Europe with ease. When the
vehicle arrives at its destination, the roof simply lifts upwards several feet using sophisticated e
When in the open position, the seating area on the top floor can either be open, or enclosed w
ith a full climate control
system. There is also
the opportunity for customer branding using slide-in panels around the outside