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Are you looking to book a themed events company to help you with corporate event theming? Then look no further. Our team has years of experience in putting on themed corporate events and love getting their teeth into new concepts and ideas.

Our portfolio of themed event productions covers events of all sizes and scales, including clients with all types of budgets. From department- level corporate parties to huge companywide gala dinners, we cover everything, and are available for hire for corporate events across London and the UK.

Popular Themes

Where can I Find A Company For Themed Prop Hire?

Professional prop and set design is key to the success of any themed event you’re planning to put together. Luckily, we have a creative bunch of designers who relish the opportunity to create new bespoke themed set designs for corporate events.

Whether you’re planning a gala dinner, product launch or exhibition event, having the best themed props is essential to the overall success of the design. We would always recommend booking full set design services for your themed event. This way, our designers can get to know your event theme inside out and make sure your themed event is consistent and has the same creative input throughout.

Choosing The Right Event Theming For Your Corporate Event

The type of corporate event your planning will influence the type of event theming you decide to go with. Traditional themes like Alice in Wonderland, Masquerade and Winter Wonderland, are always popular for corporate events throughout the year and tend to be booked for gala dinners and corporate parties.

However, if you’re putting on a product launch or brand activation and need a more innovative event theme, we can help with that too. We’ve produced some cutting-edge product launch theming proposals in the past and love thinking outside the box to come up with an original theme to suit your brand.

Examples Of Exceptional Events

How Do I Book Event Theming Services In The UK?

It’s easy. Our themed event productions team is friendly and happy to help with whatever details you’re unsure about. Whether you need someone to give you advice or ideas for event theming or just to execute your ideas for the perfect corporate themed event, our team can offer you what you need.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you’re and looking to book themed event productions - we love putting on themed events as much as you love attending them! To book our themed event services or hire our themed event productions team please contact us on or 01908969322.