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Venetian theming and props for hire. Our venetian theming and props can be hired in the UK.
Masquerade Balls
Winter wonderland venue decorating services for hire. Our winter wonderland venue decoration services can be hired in the UK.
Winter Wonderland
James Bond themed event decorations for hire. Our James Bond themed event decorations can be hired in the UK.
James Bond
Las Vegas themed events for hire. Our Las Vegas themed events can be hired in the UK.
Vegas & Casino
Prohibition themed event decor for hire. Our prohibition themed event decor can be hired in the UK.
Great Gatsby & Prohibition
Alice in wonderland party props for hire. Our Alice in wonderland party props can be hired in the UK.
Alice in Wonderland
British themed event props and decor for hire. Our British themed event props and decor can be hired in the UK.
Royal & British
Hollywood props for hire. Our Hollywood themed props can be hired in the UK.
Wild western themed events for hire in London & the UK.
Wild Western
Under the sea themed events for hire in London and the UK.
Ocean & Aquatic
Festival themed production services in the UK.
60's Festival
Halloween themed event production services available in London and the UK.
Halloween & Horror
Traditional Christmas themed events for hire in London and the UK.
Traditional Christmas
Victorian Christmas events for hire in London and the UK.
Victorian Christmas
Science fiction themed events in London and the UK.
Sci-Fi & Futuristic
Circus themed event production services for hire in the UK.

Themed Event Production Agency

Themed events production hire London

Are you planning your next themed event and are looking for some inspiration and ideas for props, dressing, and décor? Then take a look at our amazing ranges of props for hire, corporate event décor, entertainment and lighting for hire. We supply themed event dressing for events around the UK as well as themed props and backdrops for all corporate events and private parties internationally. 

At Julia Charles Event Management, we only offer the most detailed and luxury venue decorations for hire in the UK as well as maintain an extremely professional standard of venue dressing services. Our themed event ideas are all based on the world’s favourite movies, seasons, times, characters as well as a selection of colour and more. At our topic style parties, you can take a stroll through a snowy winter wonderland, play to win in our Vegas casino nights or catch a London cab to our British themed events. 

Whether you are organising a private themed party for 100 people or a 60’s festival for one thousand people, you can guarantee to blow them away, with our range of luxury themed décor, expert venue dressing and custom built props for hire.

Where can I book a themed event?

All of our luxury prop hire and decorating services are available for corporate events, themed parties and bespoke events up and down the UK as well as all internationally venues. We have experience in event management and venue dressing for a wide range of events and shows over the last 15 years. 

In the past, we have worked on several luxury events around the UK providing our event dressing services in specific themes, like our James Bond event at Luton Auction House in 2015, where we showcased some of our amazing decorations and entertainment such as 007 projections, James Bond prop statues, gold Bond girls and more.

Themed Marketing Events & Product Launches

At JCEM, we try to offer our themed event clients the most creative theming ideas and bespoke event concepts. We feel that the best way to create a themed production that is memorable and fulfilling of its purpose e.g. a marketing event, a product launch, a conference etc. is to create something that has never been seen before.

If you were hosting a marketing production, for example, our team would work closely alongside you in creating a themed event that exploded with originally or is unforgettable to your clients/guests, as well as properly expressing your brand. 

In addition to theming marketing events for luxury clients, we also produce themed events for product launches. This service is perfect for clients that are looking to showcase their product and brand through an experiential event. 

Ideas for Theming a Private Event

Over the years, we have worked with several private clients that are hosting a private themed party and a lot of the time we will see the same themes come up. Some of our most popular themes for private theme parties are Alice in Wonderland, secret agent, masquerade, Vegas and Hollywood. These party themes are excellent ideas as they are fun, creative and popular to the masses.

All of the themed productions we offer can be also customised to you, meaning you aren’t restricted to classic event themes like some other themed event companies might offer, you are offered a unique theme for your theme night.

Theming Your Conference Event

Though you might think that fun and exciting event themes are only for private events, using a theme is a great idea for creating a memorable and engaging conference event. An excellent example of a great theme for corporate functions is “focus on the future” theme.

Conference events are an excellent opportunity to create a themed experience that projects your conference objectives while keeping the atmosphere fun and exciting for your guests. 

If you would like to see some more of our spectacular selection of luxury decor and props for hire, then feel free to take a look at our Pinterest page which can be found below, where we showcase some of our most breathtaking themed events and services available for hire. If you would like to see our selection of talented themed entertainment to go alongside our themed event dressing services, then take a look at our other Pinterest boards as well.