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Viola Balance Duo - Germany

Viola Balancing Act for hire. Book our aerial violinists for gala dinners, award ceremonies or corporate events in London & the UK.

An absolutely breath-taking tower of violin bows combined with a stage presence of grace and delicacy, this is the newest release of our Berlin-based performers. The coexistence of grace, rhythm and melody turns the stage into a heaven on Earth completely ruled by skill and harmony.

Reasons to Book These Artists

•    Have performed internationally in countries like; China, Italy & France

•    Previous clients include; Audi, Volkswagen & Royal Caribbean 

•    Incredible combination of music & acrobatics 

•    Have been performing for over 10 years 

•    Captivating & graceful show  

Watch it Here!

Prepare to be amazed by our incredible acrobatic viola duo. These talented international performers will be sure to captivate everyone with their combination of music and acrobatics. Our internationally-renowned performers will create a suspenseful atmosphere for your event.

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Our viola duo for hire will be sure to take your breath away. These talented circus entertainers are based in Berlin which makes them perfect to hire for international events. These internationally renowned circus entertainers have performed around the world in countries like Turkey, France and China. Our accomplished circus entertainers have combined the beauty of music with the elegance of acrobatics to create this truly stunning show. 

This circus duo is made up of a talented musician who has studied and graduated from some prestigious institutions after working with numerous iconic musicians. Having started out with violin, she then changed to become the proficient viola player she is today. The second member of the duo is an accomplished circus performer who has trained in Ukraine and Russia. Our duo was brought together by their passion for telling the story of love and life through the combination of music and acrobatics. 

These graceful circus entertainers slowly build up the suspense in their show by slowly increasing the size of the viola bow that is balanced. This beguiling show has been performed around the world to many different prestigious clients. These include; Volkswagen, Audi, the Porsche Museum and much more. These intriguing musical and circus entertainers will be sure to captivate everyone at your next event.

Our accomplished circus entertainers wear the most original and unique costumes that create further intrigue fascination which surrounds our performers. These specially-designed costumes help to transport the performers and the audience to a magical world where anything and everything is possible. 

These incredible circus entertainers are the perfect entertainment option to hire for a wide range of events across the world. Our acrobatic viola duo can be booked for events such as; product launches, corporate events or gala dinners in the UK and Europe.