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Dragon & Goblin Walkabout

Dragon and Goblin show to hire, street and event entertainers show

An encounter with this rare and ancient dragon and its goblin queen keeper will change the shape of your day… as you free yourself of reality and enter the world of myth and fairy tales as you become part of the Queen Goblins mischief and are entranced by the enchanting, smoke breathing, true to life Dragon.

The mystical pairing has travelled to the human world on this lengthy journey all the way from the land of Goble, to find out why the Dragon’s eggs are no longer hatching.

Be warned, the Goblin Queen has been known to tether her beast to you as she carries out her hoary investigations, you could even be required to actually sit on and incubate one of the Dragon’s eggs!

This extraordinary encounter with the Goblin Queen and her huge and ancient smoke breathing Dragon is available as a walkabout act across London and the UK.

This walkabout entertainment act is brought to you by a group of professional females that have dedicated their time to bringing new, exciting and unique street theatre to the UK.

They do all this by use of a perfectly balanced mixture of circus, physical theatre, impressive costumes and extravagant props to create a show that will captivate and grow an audience of all ages.

Their rapport with audiences has been described as “touching” and “exhilarating”. They have a genuine connection with their audiences and are equally engaged with an individual as with an audience of several hundred.

This family-friendly walkabout act makes a great addition to a multitude of events, and would lend itself to corporate entertainment, ticketed events, shopping centre entertainment, school entertainments, wedding entertainment, family fun days, product launches, store openings, private parties and more.

Dragon and Goblin entertainers for hire
Dragon and Goblin walk about entertainment for hire
Dragon and Goblin event entertainers for hire
Dragon and Goblin walk about act/street theatre and entertainers for hire

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