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War Machine Character - Leeds, UK

War Machine superhero for hire. Our war machine character can be hired in the UK.

Best friend to Iron Man, War Machine is another amazing member of the Avengers, who has proven to be an awesome character in both comic and movies, throughout the ages.

Our War Machine character features a completely custom built costume, which even features his distinctive grappling gun! Perfect for movie launches, themed parties and birthday events, this character is a true testament to the real marvel superhero himself. 

Reasons to Book This Artist

•    High quality costuming and performance

•    Available across the entire UK and overseas

•    Suitable for young children, teenagers, adults and all the above

•    Excellent for photo opportunities

•    Perfect entertainment for family fun days and exhibition events

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War Machine Character Hire

An excellent character from Iron 2, Captain America Civil War many more superhero movies to come, our War Machine character hire is a perfect representation of the Iron Man 2 character we have grown to love.

Excellent for superhero themed events, our War Machine character hire is available up and down the UK and can be used for family fun days, weddings events, exhibition, sci-fi conventions and more.

Based on the Iron Man 2 iteration of the suit, our War Machine character hire is a truly exceptional addition to events.

Superheroes for Hire

Our superheroes for hire are a very popular form of entertainment for a wide range of events and can include Ironman for hire, Captain America, Superman, Batman and much more. With our superheroes for hire, you get a superhero character with experience in event entertainment and entertaining crowds of thousands.

Offering walkabout entertainment and meet and greets, our super heroes for hire can be fit perfectly into plenty of events. Some popular events to use superhero entertainment for is birthday parties, family fun days, charity events, exhibition, conventions, sci-fi events, movie launches and more.

Of course, a superhero for hire can be added to any event in a fun and creative way.

Avengers for hire for a birthday party

Another great way to hire our war Machine character is to hire him as a part of the Avengers! We offer several of the Avenger characters which can be booked all together as a package!

Have a walkabout Iron Man, walkabout War Machine and several other walkabout Marvel characters at your event. Take pictures, say hello and stand toe to toe with our Avenger for hire!

If you would like some more information about how you can feature our Avengers walkabout characters at your next event, simply get in contact today.