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Alice on Acid - Wedding at Aynhoe Park

Weddings at Aynhoe park

We had been asked by the bride and groom to come up with something completely different from the normal, conventional and traditional weddings. so with almost a year to plan a wedding with a festival theme we got started with planning something special for them and their guests. The wedding itself took place at Aynhoe Park in Banbury which could not of suited this wedding any better. With its unique sculptures, statues and abundance of creative taxidermy the scene was already set for what social networking sites are calling the wedding of epic proportions. The wedding consisted of 3 days of fun packed activities and entertainment with the 9th of August being the wedding day itself.  

Guests were greeted off of London buses by an assortment of Alice in wonderland themed entertainers such as a Queen of hearts stilt walker, Mad hatters, playing card walk about performers, props in the form of giant arm chairs and more. 

Once guests had made their way through the abundance of acts they were greeted at the main entrance of a tiny door by 2 Dwarfs who were short security who frisked the guests before making their way down a rabbit hole. After guests had made their way down the rabbit holes they found themselves in the entrance hall where they would be greeted buy a Strolling Human champagne table, more Alice in wonderland themed entertainers and not to mention quite possibly the largest and most stunningly designed wedding cake I think anyone has ever seen. 

Druid Ceremony

As the guests take their 1st drink of the day form the Human Champagne table they are given cards by the performers. some have tweedle Dee on them and others have Tweddle Dumb on them. those with Tweedle Dee were asked to travel down one rabbit hole to the ceremony area and the ones with Tweedle Dumb travel down a second rabbit hole to the ceremony area.

The ceremony was decorated with all of aynhoe's unique taxidermy which consisted of a full sized giraffe among other awesome features this venue consists of. the hymns where take that "never forget" and Queen's "Bohemian rhapsody". the songs were sung as a battle of both sides of the room with our very own Director Michael conducting. 

The ceremony was druid and was a very touching and intriguing part of this otherwise insane wedding. The scope for us to be able to plan this wedding were based on simple introductions form the client "Charles we would like our day to be a festival of Alice in wonderland themed entertainment but on acid" (Luci and Ben Johnson) 

Once the ceremony was done all the gue.......Wait! no this was not done yet. I forgot to mention that the ceremony was gate crashed by 5 drag queens who interrupted Hamish the white rabbit in the middle of proceedings. They had not be allocated seating so they ended up plonking their behinds on the groomsman's laps of course!. When the ceremony was done all the guest made their way outside where the sun was shining, the mariachi band was singing and playing, Cocktails were flowing and the BBQ was in full swing. Everyone by this point was in such a great mood that they could not expect things to get better...well they were wrong, this was mealy the start of this truly epic rock and roll wedding.