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Julia Charles event management are a bespoke Events Management company able to coordinate all requirements, from table centre pieces and wedding favours, to decorations and entertainment, for any event including birthday parties, weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, celebrations, Corporate and more

D4M Ltd


Julia Charles

Pitching D4M ltd
Investment Required £75,000 for 20%
Investment Secured £75,000 for 40% with James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne
When in the Den July 2008
Brief Description An events management organisation

What happened in the Den?

Julia Charles and Amy Goldthorpe made a very visual presentation to the Dragons with the assistance of a talking tree.

While Deborah Meaden was unimpressed by the returns promised on her investment, the four male Dragons were all impressed by the duo's passion and turnover figures.

All four made offers - James Caan and Duncan Bannatyne were both prepared to give the full £75,000 for a 40% stake while Theo Paphitis and Peter Jones matched that bid.

Julia and Amy consulted and decided to go with the offer made by James and Duncan.

The deal done in the Den:

Duncan Bannatyne and James Caan £75,000 for a 40% stake in D4M

James visits Julia

James visits Julia in Oxford where she is organising a corporate team building event.

Shortly after her appearance in the Den, Amy Goldthorpe left the company and James took over Duncan's share of the business.

Since then the recession has severely hit the entertainment management business and Julia has decided to pay back James the money he has invested so far. She is once more the sole shareholder in D4M.

On meeting James she wants to run by him her plans for a motorbike day experience. The Dragon is circumspect.

"As an entrepreneur you have to go with your instincts", he advises, before adding "unless you make a fair return for the efforts you put in, then don't do it. Focus on the margins. Focus on the money".

Looking back on her Den experience Julia doesn't regret it but reflects that "what I was dreaming for I got - but it wasn't what I wanted". She is happy to have full control of her company again - "I've got my passion back".

James agrees. "Parting company was definitely the right decision. She's happy, motivated. I'm sure she'll do well".

Julias View about the DEN and what happen when she lost D4M Ltd back in 2010