Wild west themed family fun day by leading UK event management company.

Assembling the Ideas 

The client for this fun day approached us with a very clear idea in mind of what they wanted. They had chosen the venue and theme prior to contacting us and knew roughly how they wanted the day to pan out, but needed us for some professional input and management to make sure things ran smoothly on the day. This is an excellent example of how we can help put together an awesome and exciting fun day for a small number of delegates on a relatively small budget. 

The client requested:

•    Small venue – 100 delegates in Manor House back garden

•    Small budget

•    Full management services and supplier sourcing

Film premieres and private screening available to hire with reputable events agency.

Adding our Expertise

We supplied to this event:

•    Themed costume and prop design 

•    Traditional funfair stalls and games

•    Small inflatables and activities

•    Themed stilt walkers and entertainment

•    Catering 

•    Event and management staff

•    Health and safety verification

Bespoke bar hire available for private screenings and corporate events in the UK.

Admiring the Results

This fun day was a pleasure to be a part of and the client, their staff and their kids had a wonderful over the duration of the day. They loved how achieved the theme they had envisioned and were impressed at how well it worked with the traditional fairground stalls and activities we supplied to the event. After such a brilliant day, the client was kind enough to get in touch to say - "Thanks again for all your efforts .....everyone really enjoyed the event."

•   100% client satisfaction

•    Inclusive for all guests

•    Successful theming integrated


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