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Head Balancer For Hire

John Evans recoprd breaker head balance strong man

We would like to offer you the chance to showcase This world record-breaking head balancer's unique talent and entertainment. He can balance great weights on his head, a feat which has defied the challenge of the strongest men in the world. this head balancer has a combination of power, precision and determination.

“As Roy Castle said: ‘Dedication is the name of the game.’ John Evans is known around the world for head balancing a 162 kg full-size Mini Cooper Car." You will not be surprised to learn he is the only person in the world who is capable of doing this. But it does not stop there. He has 33 Guinness World Records and 44 Record Holders Republic World Records, which are the basis of this startling head balancing show for hire."

“It will leave your audience amazed and will provide the media with photographs which can be used to promote your enterprise across the globe. In this brilliant head balancing strong man show, he can reproduce five of his Guinness world records. Most acts have just one thing they can do well and fill in the time by talking and making silly jokes. John doesn't jest with people; He can captivate them with his unbelievable, record-breaking feats. They can't believe what they are seeing and often tell us they will never forget what they have witnessed. This is why this record breaking head balancing show has been invited to so many countries, performing live on TV shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in Hollywood and Tokyo TV show Unbelievable."

"I got a standing applause whilst doing the record and after. The next guest walked on as I walked off and the cheers changed to boo's as Simon Cowell walked on."

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