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Professor Yves Doz


Yves Doz is Professor of Global Technology and Innovation at INSEAD. Hailed by The Economist as one of only small amount of true European management gurus, he is a leading, respected authority on globalisation, alliancing and competitiveness.

Doz consults and teaches on strategic partnerships, multinational management, renewal and entrepreneurial innovation. He focuses on how corporations can tap into marketing and technical knowledge from areas dispersed around the world, and how to remain successful in strategic alliances.

Doz argues that strategically agile companies not only develop the skills to make quick turns, but also position themselves to take advantage of disruption and permanent changes. In his extremely interesting book Fast Strategy, he sets out how organisations / companies must learn to thrive on continuous fluctuations of change, instead of making painful adjustments between periods of stability and moments of upheaval.

In the new competitive game, nothing can be taken for granted and no competitive edge will necessarily last long. Innovation and the constant development of new capabilities are the only sources of advantage.

In the newest competitive game, no upper hand can be taken for granted in the business industry and there is no certainty that a competitive edge can be maintained. Development of new capability is the only way to gain the main source of advantage.

Professor Yves Doz’s extremely interesting outlook on business development makes him ideal for corporate functions and business events.