This year we’ve pledged to spread as much love as possible, to as many people as possible for Valentine’s day 2022. With so many people still unable to celebrate face to face or in their normal way. Therefore, this Valentine’s day we’ve decided it’s not just for the lovers, it’s for everyone.

In this blog, we have come up with a brilliant list of how to show the ones you love most how much you care for them. We’ve included some brilliant virtual entertainment options to bring all your loved ones together. As well as some lovely gifting ideas and small gestures to show how much you care.

So whether you’re showing your family how much you love them, celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’ with your girls or madly in love and want to celebrate with your significant other, we’ve got plenty of ideas to share.

1. Virtual Wine Tasting

We think wine and Valentine’s day go hand in hand. Therefore, we couldn’t think of anything better than attending a virtual wine tasting experience with your loved ones. 

There are lots of different Virtual wine tasting options including a ‘wine and cheese pairing’ tasting or the ‘stay classy’ option including champagne. Our wine tasting expert will guide you through your wine journey, highlight flavour notes and food pairings.

Additionally, this experience is brilliant for both couples and larger groups. Meaning that we can cater to a variety of group sizes. Therefore, whoever you choose to celebrate Valentine’s day with our Virtual Wine Tasting is sure to be a hit!

Virtual Valentine's day entertainment featuring our romantic online wine tasting workshop

2. Virtual Chocolate Making

If wine’s not your thing why not book a sumptuous virtual chocolate making workshop. What says ‘I love you’ more than inviting your partner to a very special Virtual Valentine’s chocolate-making workshop.

With ingredients sent straight to your door, you can make milk, dark and white chocolate delights as well as delicious truffles too. We love the idea of using a virtual chocolate making workshop as a way of proposing this Valentine’s day! Take a look at this blog to find out more.

Virtual Valentine's day entertainment chocolate making and tasting workshop. Make and taste delicious chocolates in this online romantic workshop

3. Valentine’s Day Doorstep Drops

There’s nothing more thoughtful than hand-delivering some homemade gifts or treats to a loved one. Whether you’re delivering to a Grandparent you’re missing, your best friend or even a neighbour you think might be a bit lonely. This kind Valentine’s day gesture is sure to make them feel loved and put a smile on their face.

Why not give this chocolate cookie recipe a go. Once baked, wrap them up in some brown paper and ribbon and hand-deliver them to the recipient’s door. You could even include a homemade card telling them how loved they are and how special they are to you.

Once you’re at a safe distance give them a call and tell them to go to their front door. We guarantee this Valentine’s day gesture will bring them joy.

Valentine's day chocolate cookies baked to be delivered to loved ones doorstep

4. Virtual Musician

You know what they say, ‘ Music is the food of love’. Therefore if you’re planning a romantic evening for two this Valentine’s day, why not book a virtual musician to serenade you both.

Whether you’re looking for a skilled pianist to play some soft and romantic music to you both over dinner. Or perhaps a soul singer to serenade you with beautiful love songs, we’ve got just the musician for you!

Additionally, if you’re looking for something less romantic, and more fun for your group of friends why not book a virtual musical quiz. Have fun, dancing and singing together whilst guessing the famous songs. Featuring top break up anthems, Killer love songs and amazing power ballads.

Virtual Valentine's day entertainment available to book including our virtual pianist ready to serenade couples and lovers this valentines day

5. Send Them Flowers

Whether it’s a dozen red roses to your significant other or a £1 bunch of daffodils you picked up at the supermarket, giving someone you care about flowers on Valentine’s day is sure to put a smile on their face.

If you don’t live locally to the person you’d like to send flowers to why not order some! There are plenty of amazing independent florists you can book through, or, alternatively why not use a company such as Bloom and Wild who send flowers all over the UK.

If you’re looking for a fun floral activity we can also thoroughly recommend virtul flower crown making. It is a fun alternative to receiving a Valentine’s day bouquet and something you can do with all your besties.

Bunch of Valentine's day flowers to be gifted to loved one

6. Galentine’s Day Virtual Party

If you’re looking for a fun and flirty way to celebrate the day of love with all your girls why not throw a virtual Valentine’s day party. Organise a time for you all to meet on Zoom and bring your drink of choice.

Why not turn up the fun by booking a virtual nipple tassel making workshop or a virtual garter making workshop. You will be sent all the materials you’ll need for this workshop. Furthermore, a fun and professional crafting expert will teach you how to create your chosen item.

This is a perfect way to have a laugh with your friends and make something creative at the same time. Who says you need a significant other to enjoy some Valentine’s day fun!

Valentine's day activities for you and your best friends to celebrate Galentine's day

7. Build a Fort

With us all being encouraged to stay in as much as possible why not use this opportunity to release your inner childish side. Create your own fort to spend the day in with your partner.

You’ll need bed sheets, blankets, pillows, fairy lights and some structural support. Create a structure for your fort ceiling and walls to hang from. You could use chairs, string, a clothes horse or anything else you can think of. Drape your blankets and sheets to create an enclosed area. Then fill the inside with pillows and blankets and hang up some fairy lights.

Then cuddle up with your favourite snacks and a film and enjoy you Valentine’s day fort. Why not order in takeaway or a treat box from your favourite local baker!

This is a great activity for all ages, perhaps if you’re a busy parent this could be a way of spending great quality time with your child on Valentine’s day!

Loved ones Valentine's day fort building activity

8. Virtual Mentalist

If you’re not into the typical overly romantic Valentine’s day, why not book a virtual mentalist show. Either book as a couple or enjoy with your friends and family. There are lots of different kinds of mentalists. Therefore, whether you’re looking for a mind reader who uses comedy within their act or a mind reader that oozes charm there’s someone to suit all audiences.

This is a great way of getting a big group of friends together. Although not a conventional Valentine’s day activity, we think it is a brilliant way of bringing family and friends together.

You can even speak to your virtual mentalist beforehand and see if they are able to theme the show around, love and Valentine’s day!

Chris Cox Virtual magician and comedy mind reader available to book for virtual and live events

However you choose to spend it, and whoever you spend it with, make sure you spread some love this Valentine’s day!

If you need help organising your event or with booking some Valentine’s day entertainment, get in touch with our event management team today.

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