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Top Tips For Hosting Wild West Themed Events & Parties

John Wayne, Clint Eastwood, Kirk Douglas, are all pioneers in the popularisation of the western time period. These influential characters have made this time period an iconic part of our culture today. As a result, this theme is a very popular option for a range of events. We delve into how to put the “Wild” into the “Wild West”.


Festival Themed Party Planning: The Essentials For Hosting Your Own!

It’s no secret that festivals are a whole bunch of fun, fuelled by good friends, music, the odd beverage and a whole lot of mud, but did you know it is not just for Reading, Leeds and Glasto? More and more party goers are making a stand against traditional parties and staging their own mini-festivals!


The Key to a Successful Las Vegas Themed Event

In this post, we share some of the key components to making a Las Vegas event a success, with it being a popular option for a wide range of events and functions. Not only does this theme offer a fun venue for your guests to spend the evening, but it is also packed with exciting activities for your guest to interact with.


Top Ideas for Hosting a Best of British Themed Event

As a country that is famous for its rich heritage and outright patriotism, Britain’s most iconic landmarks have become a huge part of the event industry today. As people look for more and more creative inspiration for their parties and functions, the Best of British theme has flourished as a very popular path to take!


Conference Theming: Tips for Success

Theming a conference event is no different to theming any other event, except for the fact that you should be trying to mould your theme around the message behind your conference. We explore some theme ideas that we suggest using for conference events, the services that are a “must-have” and the best way to bring your event together.

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