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Assembling the Ideas

Newton Europe contacted us and tasked us with creating a design concept for their corporate Christmas party and Orient Express Awards Dinner. They need us to deliver a concept for an immersive experience, lighting, staging, venue design, and full production of our part of the Themed Awards Dinner.

We were given a fair amount of freedom in terms of creativity and decided on a 1920s Orient Express Theme after a few proposals.

The Client Required:

  • The Awards Dinner to be an immersive and interactive experience
  • Every aspect of the Themed Awards Dinner was consistent with the theme of our choosing – the Orient Express Theme
  • The entire Orient Express Awards Dinner to be managed and produced by us!

Adding our Expertise

We decided to design the venue to feel like guests were inside a moving Orient Express train and achieved this by covering windows with white screens for footage of passing countryside to be projected onto.

As guests entered the Awards Dinner, they were asked to take some cheesy photos in front of a green screen, unaware that these photos were being played on the screens, much to the amusement of the guests that had already sat down.

  • We created a unique Awards Dinner concept to create a bespoke immersive and interactive experience
  • Our team supplied all staging, lighting, video equipment and content for the Themed Awards Dinner
  • We designed the 1920’s Orient Express Awards Dinner set entirely in-house
  • We managed the whole Awards Dinner schedule and staff in attendance

Admiring the results

The Themed Awards Dinner was a booming success. Our end product delivered all of the objectives outlined in the brief: a uniform that was personal to brand and chosen fairly by all members of the company, coverage extending to 70 UK locations, and huge hype surrounding the brand as it enters preparations for upcoming campaigns.

We Did We Achieve?

  • Guests were completely immersed in and interacted with the event
  • The Orient Express theme remained consistent throughout the Themed Awards Dinner
  • The Awards Dinner ran to schedule and there were no hiccups

This is a prime example of the creative insight we can apply to an initial brief to transform your idea into a stunning event.

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