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Assembling the Ideas

Our client for this event – Nimble Storage – put on a film screening event for their customers, prospects and partners every quarter and approached to put together one based around the then-upcoming Alien movie. They needed the event to be an immersive and interactive experience that created a social and relaxed environment for attendees to enjoy themselves and network with each other. They had a very clear vision for how they wanted this event to pan out, but were more than happy to listen to suggestions from our team and our suppliers where appropriate.

The client requested:

•    Immersive and interactive experience related to movie.

•    Post-movie networking and interaction at after party.

•    Raise Nimble brand profile, nurture relationships, drive opportunities.

Adding our Expertise

We provided some gruesome Alien themed walkabout acts that surprised the guests as they sat down to watch the film, which the team managed to pull off after only three hours of rehearsal time with the performers and AV technician we supplied. After the film, the guests were taken to a bar where we had organised a party for the networking to begin. Here they enjoyed drinks, live music and photos with the characters – all of which we supplied and managed.

• We supplied DJ, AV equipment, bar staff and performers

• We fully managed the event on the day

• We arranged all productions on the day

• We handled all logistical and catering aspects

Admiring the results

The client was thrilled with how the event unfolded. The guests and clients were all in hysterics during the surprise performance from the Alien characters, which created a talking point that got guests interacting and socialising with each other. The whole event was buzzing from the very beginning and Nimble Storage said that this was the highest turnout they’d ever had for an after party. We received a glowing email from them afterwards stating ‘Thanks again. We definitely nailed it!’.

What we achieved:

•    Highest attendance to after party they’d ever had

•    A completely immersive experience that engaged guests

•    Raised brand profile for the client effectively

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