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Assembling the Ideas

This client approached us for our Halloween House Dressing service after moving in next door to Jonathan Ross. If you know anything about him, you will know he is famous for his Halloween Decorations and Parties. Every year the entire street is closed for it!

We dress this client’s House every year for Halloween and as a result have received coverage in the news!

Jonathan Ross prepares for circus themed bash for his legendary Halloween party

Our client required the design of his Halloween House Dressing to complement Jonathan Ross’ extravagant Halloween Decorations. It’s important to match the spooky atmosphere his neighbour is renowned for creating.

With our experience in creating bespoke Halloween Themed decorations, this was right up our street! Halloween is our event team’s favourite time of the year with the creative freedom it gives you.

The Client Requested:

  • Several Halloween themed concepts for their Halloween House Dressing
  • The House Dressing to complement Jonathan Ross’ Decorations next door!
  • Our Events Team to Produce and Install the agreed designs in one day

Adding our Expertise

Our Halloween House Dressing concept revolved around everyone’s biggest fear – spiders!

A dangerous spider’s population is out of control in the client’s residential area. It gets so bad that schools in the area begin shutting down out of fear of children getting bitten and poisoned.

We built a huge spider to stick to the front of their house to represent the real-life terrifying creature. We also installed spooky Halloween themed props on their driveway and front garden.

Our Halloween decorations included graveyards, skeletons, and spider projections to complement the rest of the house dressing.

  • We Designed & Produced the Halloween House Dressing
  • Our team came up with a unique concept that the client loved
  • The concepts complemented Jonathan Ross’ decor

Admiring the results

The client was very pleased with the overall outcome of the Halloween House Dressing. Our Halloween Decorations complemented Jonathan Ross’ brilliantly.

It was very important for our client’s decorations to match the brilliant designs of next door.

We enjoy working with this lovely family (and appreciate all the help from their children with the setup!) and it was very exciting to be involved in the hysteria of one of Jonathan Ross’ Halloween parties!

The atmosphere was amazing and it’s always nice to work on such unique concepts.

As an events company, we love this time of the year. Halloween gives you a great amount of creative freedom with concepts.

We Did We Achieve?

  • The Halloween House attracted over 6000 trick or treaters!
  • A successful design that really stood out from the rest
  • A stunning House Transformation resulting in happy clients & visitors

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