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Assembling the Ideas

After impressing BID with our Christmas event, they booked us to put on an outdoor Easter-themed event that would create the same public involvement as before. All they asked was that the event was based on some form of competition, that it increased the flow of people in and out of high street stores and that it enhanced their social reach. They trusted us with complete control of concept, production and management, and that we would deliver this all in the short space of three weeks. This was another tightly scheduled event that our team was excited to get stuck into!

The client required:

•    Us to deliver a concept from scratch with 3-week turnaround

•    Us to increase their social media engagement

•    Us to increase foot traffic into high street shops

Adding our Expertise

We decided that the event would be based on two competitions (each requiring entrants tweet a unique hashtag) that members of the public could engage with simultaneously: an Easter egg hunt and photo competition. We handed out cards for people to collect stamps on after they’d found rabbits in each of the 25 stores we’d hidden them in around Newmarket town centre, which they posted in a bespoke post box that the prize winners were to be drawn from. This was situated in the central hub area we built in the market square, where people could also take part in the photo competition in front of our custom-built Easter egg prop, and enjoy entertainment, face painting and refreshments.

•    Created unique hashtag to increase social engagement

•    Created hunt and photo competition concept from scratch

•    Designed bespoke visuals for set, info packs, post box and egg

•    Provided full design, production and management services all week

Admiring the results

The event was extremely successful and delivered everything the client required it to. Every one of the shops involved reported an increase in revenue, all 1000 of the stamp cards we had printed were used and the same number of people were engaging with @lovenewmarket on twitter. Many guests were calling it the best Easter event they had been to and BIG’s social media accounts continued to gain followers in the weeks after the event.

We achieved:

•    Huge engagement on social media

•    An increase high street stores revenue over that week

•    A successful concept design that has since been requested by other clients

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