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Assembling the Ideas

This client approached us to create an immersive Renault Sport F1 Christmas Party for their guests – one that was sophisticated and fun but also had their brand and ethos running through its veins.

After agreeing on a theme with our client, we worked with Whittlebury Hall to create a Roaring 1920s Themed Corporate Christmas Party that was exuberant, yet refined, to reflect both the era of time but also the culture of the company.

With performance and quality being integral parts of everything they do, Renault F1 Sports wanted us to construct an event that really portrayed these two themes.

The Client Required:

  • us to create the concept for the Corporate Christmas Party from scratch and provide bespoke designs to match
  • Provide full event management services for their Renault Sport F1 Christmas Party for over 900 guests
  • Transform 7 rooms of Whittlebury Hall that represented different aspects of the era of time

Adding our Expertise

We teamed up with Whittlebury Hall to work out logistics and began creating bespoke props and stands to be accompanied by some fantastic 1920s themed entertainment to bring their Renault Sport F1 Christmas Party to life.

Our 1920s Themed Entertainment included the likes of flapper girls, moonshine actors, magicians, casino tables and more!

Next, we got to work on creating venue designs and floor plans that would aid us in completing the venue transformation that would remodel Whittlebury hall into a prohibition party that made full use of the event space.

  • We supplied a DJ, AV equipment and performers to bring the Renault Sport F1 Christmas Party to life!
  • We supplied signage and floor plans for the venue
  • Our team dealt with logistics, health & safety and completed risk assessments
  • We provided full client and staff management for their Corporate Christmas Party

Admiring the results

Our client and their many guests were delighted with the Corporate Christmas Party and as such have booked us for their next Christmas party!

The event achieved all the objectives that were laid out in the brief which resulted in an experience that was immersive, coherent with the theme but most of all an experience that embodied everything Renault F1 sports represents as a brand.

What Did We Achieve?

  • An unforgettable Corporate Christmas Party for our client that is still being talked about to this day
  • We created bespoke designs specific to the theme that exceeded the client’s expectations
  • Our team effectively and professionally managed the Renault Sport F1 Christmas Party

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