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Assembling the Ideas

The Waldorf Hilton Hotel approached us for a third year running to decorate their luxury hotel ready for the Christmas season, creating bespoke, luxury Christmas decorations for the Lobby, Reception, Bar, Executive Suite and the well-known, history-rich, ‘Palm Court’.

Every year we are challenged with creating a completely bespoke design to go in-line with the impressive history of the hotel. Every year we do The Waldorf Christmas decorations, we look to go above and beyond, pushing past expectations each and every year.

If you’re wondering who does The Waldorf Christmas Decorations, it’s us.

The Client Needed Us To:

  • Decorate their Luxury Hotel for Christmas, in keeping with The Waldorf’s rich history
  • Decorate the Venue with Bespoke Decorations without disturbing the function of the Hotel
  • Deliver all of this in under two days

Adding our Expertise

To make the experience of the festive season as special as it can be for our client every year, we choose a new theme that is in keeping with the history behind the Hotel, using bespoke Christmas props to pull off the themes flawlessly.

Here’s what we have done for The Waldorf Christmas Decorations Every Year:

  • 2016: Bowler Hat and Pocket Watches theme to match the class of the Hotel
  • 2017: Theatre Theme to link with the Theatres in the area
  • 2018: 1920’s Gatsby / Prohibition Theme, in-keeping with the style of the Hotel
  • 2019: You’ll have to wait until December…

To achieve our most recent theme, The 1920’s / Prohibition theme, we used bespoke black and gold 1920’s Art Deco starbursts as backdrops behind the main Christmas tree in the lobby, a range of props including gramophones, books and briefcases, a range of Christmas trees, hanging wreaths, window lighting and more.

To keep the Christmas design consistent and flowing throughout the venue, we linked the Christmas tree decorations together, using a consistent gold, black and white colour theme on all of our downstairs trees, starbursts and wreaths.

Admiring the results

The client was over the moon with how The Waldorf Christmas Decorations turned out, for the third time running! The Waldorf is something we look forward to decorating all year and hope to keep impressing the client with our bespoke, luxury Christmas designs. Everyone at the venue was a pleasure to work with and we hope to continue working with The Hilton to keep making Christmas special…

Decorating The Waldorf is always a rewarding experience, with the guests of the Hotel waiting in the venue until we have finished decorating. We always receive a round of applause upon completion of the venue decoration.

What Did We Achieve?

  • Created bespoke designs that exceeded client and guests’ expectations
  • Hit the deadline set by the client, without disturbing the function of the Hotel in the process
  • Making The Waldorf Hotel ready for the Christmas season!

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