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Assembling the Ideas

This client approached us for the third time in four years to create a special Halloween Themed event for her 18th Birthday party! We used our Twisted Circus event theming service to deliver on this request.

If you’ve seen our American Horror Story case study, you’ll have an idea of the crazy and terrifying requests we’ve had from her before! This year, she wanted us to go above and beyond and top her last event once again!

Giving Julia, our director, full control over the concept, we decided to go with the Twisted Circus theme.

With this control, we gave our client an experience to last for a lifetime.

Using our Halloween venue dressing service, we completely transformed the venue into a stunning Twisted Circus themed space. We dressed the venue to cater to a large number of guests in attendance to the Halloween themed event.

The Client Required:

  • Create the Concept from scratch and provide Bespoke Designs to match
  • Source a Venue and Full Transform it into a Halloween Party
  • Plan, Design and Manage a Halloween Party to exceed her previous events

Adding our Expertise

After deciding on The Curtain Hotel, Shoreditch for the venue, we started sourcing some crazy Halloween entertainment for the Twisted Circus Halloween party!

Sourcing some very unique performers, including a python-wielding Snake Charmer, sword swallowing Freak Show and Zombie Drag Queen, we wanted this Twisted Circus event to be truly special.

Once we had sourced the Halloween Entertainment, we started working on the Twisted Circus event theming.

Using our Halloween venue dressing service, we came up with several venue design concepts, which we eventually narrowed down to one.

With these designs, we fully transformed the venue’s basement ballrooms into the Twisted Circus event space you can see in the images!

  • We supplied DJ, AV equipment, Bar Staff and Performers
  • Fully Managed the Event on the day
  • Bespoke designed and Fully Transformed the Venue
  • An exclusive personalised video for the client (see above)

Admiring the results

The client was absolutely thrilled with how the Twisted Circus event panned out – for the third time!

This is a great example of how we can create and manage an event from scratch without a detailed brief and speaks volumes about how much we value client relationships.

Everyone at this event was a pleasure to work with and we hope to work with Erin once again in the future.

What Did We Achieve?

  • An unforgettable experience for our client on her Birthday
  • Bespoke Halloween designs that exceeded the client’s expectations
  • Successfully managed the Twisted Circus Halloween party

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