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Assembling the Ideas

The Winter Wonderland Christmas party theme is a very popular option amongst our corporate clients. Having impressed this client with the corporate Christmas party we did for them the year before, they approached us again. However, this time they wanted a new concept for their corporate Christmas event so it was different from the first!

Following our initial proposals, our client decided to host their Christmas party at the Conrad Hotel in London and to go with a Winter Wonderland Event Theme. As a result, our team were in charge of all planning, production and management on the day.

Our Event Production team got to work on putting together the Winter Wonderland set. This Winter Wonderland Set Design would prove to be one of the most complicated installations we’ve ever had to overcome for an event. However, despite the difficulties, the Winter Wonderland Christmas Party was a total success!

The Client Required:

Adding our Expertise

Preparing this Christmas Event was hectic, to say the least. To get the venue transformation underway, the team arrived at The Conrad at 4 am to start on the set.

Following their arrival, they carefully took down the hotel’s existing decorations, clearing space for our Winter Wonderland Set Design. The Team took precise measurements so we could put the venue space back to how we found it.

The Team had to build fake walls to transform the Hotel Lobby into a Winter Wonderland event space. The Event Space was sectioned off into multiple rooms for different functions, before dressing the venue in the Winter Wonderland Theme.

  • Our Team successfully transformed venue despite significant logistical obstacles
  • We supplied entertainment, AV installation, catering and set design
  • The Events Team created the concept from scratch and delivered on the day
  • We oversaw the smooth running of the event and manage suppliers

Admiring the results

The Winter Wonderland Christmas Party went down extremely well with the client and their staff! The Team managed to pull off an extremely difficult build with no issues.

The team was under immense pressure on the day of the event and achieved an incredible amount in the short window we had to set up in.

We managed to reinstall all The Conrad Hotel’s Christmas decorations to the exact arrangement as before and the lobby was transformed back to normal again … all in the space of two days!

We Did We Achieve?

  • A complex set build in an awkward and logistically challenging event space
  • We delivered a high-quality event in line with client’s expectations
  • Efficient management of event with a demanding schedule

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