Arco: Bespoke Arch Aerial Show

This entirely unique Arch Aerial show is a fantastic option if you are looking to add a visual spectacle to your event.

Our unique aerial show takes place on a free-standing, 12-metre high bespoke arch that can change colour with its own light show. You can also project video onto the arch using the white reflective surfaces.

The beauty of the show taking place on an arch is that your audience can walk around and even pass through the arch whilst the aerialist performs overhead. On top of this, it only takes 2 minutes to inflate, meaning quick set-up times!

Reasons to book our Bespoke Arch Aerial Show:

  • Our Bespoke Arch Aerial Show is a great visual performance designed to enhance your event
  • Very quick set-up times – takes only 2 minutes to inflate!
  • Free-standing arch – very versatile and easy to set-up
  • Your guests can walk through and around the arch, whilst the aerialist performs above
  • Very adaptable – the arch can have projections on it and can change colours by itself
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