Art Ballooning Aerial Performances

With this amazing show, you can combine the excellent acrobatics with advertising for your company. Weightlessness and grace are the features of this exclusive animation.

Like an angel the artist flies directly over the heads of the guests and glides through the entire location. So near that you can almost touch her before she floats away again. The artist is carried through the air by a helium balloon and while she spins and turns she leaves a trail of glitter behind her.

Her radiance is fascinating. Her talent inspiring. You can use these magical moments for your own company event. If you wish, free samples and giveaways from your company can be distributed during the flight. The balloon can be illuminated from inside or serve as a projection area for gobos, your logo, videos or other advertising measures. It can also be used as a central hanging point for our act “Aerial-Silk”. Combine the two flight shows and double the pleasure.

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