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The Ice Garden Acrobatic show is a perfect blend of cleverly choreographed acrobatics and acrobalance performed on a revolving carousel.

There are various themes that this act can undertake, such as the summer garden for summer-themed events which can be used for acrobatic performances and also champagne pouring for meet and greets. Our versatile performer can also perform in the giant snow globe.

These highly-skilled acrobats will amaze you and your guests at your next event. With their beautiful costumes and well-choreographed routines, our Ice Garden Acrobats are the perfect entertainment option to hire for an array of events including; Winter Wonderland-themed events, Christmas-themed events, corporate functions and much more.

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Watch as our amazing acrobatic duo performs a series of incredibly well-choreographed sequences and routines. This stunning duo will perform in beautifully designed costumes which are perfect to hire for Winter Wonderland-themed events.

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