Bow & Arrow Tag

When people consider doing a two-team combat game they would likely look into paintball or airsoft, but the past has finally caught up and the ancient weapon that is the bow and arrow has finally been made into a fun, safe and exciting two teams objective game!

Fill your quiver with our safe/soft arrows and hit the battlefield in a game of archery shooting!

The objective of the game is to tag your friend with an arrow to declare them out of the game, and the winner is the last man/woman still on the playing field.

Though this game sounds pretty intense, it is all in good fun. We supply several event staff members that are trained in first aid as well as being expert archery shooters to guarantee that the games are safe, fun and energetic!

This game is suitable for men, women and young people, so the whole family can get a bow, get some arrows and get involved for a day of friendly competition!

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