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Prepare to be amazed by our exciting educational variety show for hire. Our historical performer is sure to leave you spellbound with his wide spectrum of skills.

The performer has endeavoured to make history fun with this astounding variety show.

This entertainer has created different shows that span a wide range of historical periods from Medieval to Roman, Renaissance to Victorian and the 1940s. Our historical performer is also able to offer themed shows for festivities such as Christmas and Halloween. We are also able to incorporate some local history into the performance depending on where your event is situated.

Our family-friendly shows have an abundance of entertainment including escapology, magic, a unicycle, comedy and juggling! With such a vast variety on offer, our educational shows are perfect for everyone from children to adults.

This historically-themed entertainer is able to perform at all kinds of venues from large arenas to modest locations. He is also able to deliver street performances and theatrical performances, meaning he is suited to all events and venues. Our performer’s shows usually run from 15-20 minutes.

One of the most popular shows he performs is the “Completely historically accurate reenactment of the Battle of Agincourt”. Some other shows that are available are; ‘Shakespeare’, ‘Knight’, ‘Rome’, ‘Steam and Pilot’.

Our entertainer is the perfect option for family fun days, school shows, historical festivals and public events. With all of these exciting elements involved, you will never view history in the same way again.

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