Large Scale Muralist

This talented artist will be a fantastic addition to a variety of events with the range of skills the event artist possesses.

Our live drawer has created several masterpieces working with huge clients such as Nike, BT and Levis, and mainly produces his art for product launches and events.

This talented artist works alongside other artists to create large artistic murals!

Reasons to Book Our Large Scale Muralist:

  • A talented artist that will be a unique addition to any event – will make your event stand out
  • Event artist that has worked with an impressive list of clients, including Nike, Sony Music and Redbull
  • Our mural artist worked alongside his brother to provide his live event artist act in Beijing
  • Along with other artists, this event artist created a mural at Glastonbury and the Secret Garden Festival
  • This mural artist is a live drawer – guests will watch in awe as he creates an artistic masterpiece
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Read more about our live event artist

This extremely talented live event artist creates masterpieces under the pressure of a live audience. The artwork our mural artist produces is mind-blowing and will really be appreciated by any audience.

The live event artist has a style that is very unique and visually stunning. This is because the talented artist draws inspiration from a wide range of subjects, such as Johnny Cash, handmade typography, Criminal Tattoos and 50’s advertising, giving him a truly unique, one-of-a-kind artistic style that makes this live drawer stand out in particular.

Because of this unique style the talented artist brings to the table, our mural artist has worked with some high-end impressive clients, such as Nike, Levis, Barclays and Casio, which is where most of the images above have been taken from. He is a live drawer that can bring a truly unique aspect to your event that your audience will be sure to enjoy with the impressive skill of our talented artist.

You can see the impressive talent of our mural artist in the gallery above where examples of his work are showcased.

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