60-Second Novelist

The 60-second novelist has been performing at corporate, gala dinners & private events as the “world’s only 60-Second Novelist” for over 25 years.

With an antique typewriter, he engages guests for two to three minutes, gaining an understanding of who they are, finds out an interesting fact about them, then instantly types their “life story” in a “minute”. He then reads it to them & signs it off with a fountain pen – which makes for an undoubtedly bespoke act.

Reasons to Book This Artist

  • Only act in the world to offer this unique act
  • Performed for many big names from various industries
  • Years of experience
  • Worked with various blue-chip companies
  • A continual crowd pleaser
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The 60-Second Novelist

Watch the 60-second novelist as he amazes audiences with his rapid storytelling and outlines his act in various television interviews.

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The 60-Second Novelist has been performing at various corporate and private events for over 20 years, amazing audiences with his rapid novels formulated within a record-breaking 60 seconds, and what’s more these novels about the lives of audience members are often very true to life.

With an antique manual typewriter, he talks to guests for two or three minutes, gets a sense of who they are, finds out something interesting about them, then instantly types their “life story” in a “minute”. Our fortune teller for hire then reads it to them, signs it with a fountain pen, and gives it to them, with a printed “jacket” on the opposite side of the paper to make it look like it’s inside a book. Guests open up to him about marriage, romance, their work, their dreams and whatever is going on for them at that moment in time.

A true testament to the quality of his act comes in the fact the 60-second novelist has written narratives for some of the biggest stars, including Michael Bloomberg (former mayor of NYC), Brad Pitt, Whoopie Goldberg and many more, as such our vintage entertainer for hire has built up quite the following and as is seen as the go-to guy for this type of act.

Our live novelist for hire also boasts a wealth of professional experience with previous clients featuring the likes of Google, Selfridges, IBM, HBO, Jeff Bezos (Amazon), Macy’s, Chanel, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and Time Warner, just to name a few.

With a unique vintage-inspired act that continually leaves guests amazed our vintage entertainer for hire will be the perfect addition to your event.

For more information on our live event novelist for hire, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

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