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Henna Artist

Our henna artist has worked with a prestigious clientele and is a professionally trained artist, this art entertainment will bring striking designs to your event.

Reasons to Book Our Henna Artist

  • Can provide a team of artists for large-scale events
  • Qualified Artist at Professional Level
  • Able to travel globally
  • Previous clients include Selfridges, La Rinascente and Westminster
  • Able to paint 20-25 people per hour

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Our body paint artist is a qualified professional and experienced henna artist, this art entertainment is passionate and inspired by the art of henna.

This henna tattoo artist uses 100% natural products and it’s all freshly home-made per booking, it gives a stunning and deep brown stain once developed, 48 hours post-application. Not only that but our body paint artist can provide one day glitter and body paint tattoos which can be washed away when required.

Our henna artist provides a unique and exciting henna experience for all involved, ensuring that each guest enjoys their new temporary tattoo. This art entertainment has had previous clients such as Selfridges, La Rinacente and Westminister.

If you like the sound of our body paint artist then simply get in touch with us.

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