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An interactive dance and media performance created as a one of a kind show in the UK. This 3D visual show is a combination of modern technology and professional choreography, which is used to create a show that impacts you visually.

The use of sophisticated, interactive technology allows our artists to step out of a conventional one-dimensional show and create something in the 3rd dimension. The aim of our 3D visual show is to use a collaboration of creative technology to immerse you and your guests into a performance that turns dancers and staging into one.

Reasons to Book This Service

  • Unique and memorable performances
  • Bespoke for each event
  • Creative way to entertain your guests
  • Talented dancers and entertainers
  • Professional Video mapping technology and technicians

See This 3D Mapping Dance Show Being Performed

To truly understand how breathtaking this performance is, you can take a look at some footage of this amazing show being performed. If you would like some more information about this performance, then feel free to get in contact today.

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Stage projection dancing shows

Stage projection dancing shows are a unique form of entertainment for conferences, parties, exhibitions and more. Using expert choreography and professional 3D mapping, our stage projection dance shows are the ideal entertainment for blowing guests away.

In the past, we have used our stage projection dance shows for a number of events in the UK and internationally. This has ranged everywhere from entertainment for private events to large scale conference entertainment.

When creating one of our stage projection dancing shows, we work alongside our clients to be sure that their 3D dance show is completely bespoke to them. This allows you to create the perfect entertainment for your private event, themed conference, or any other type of event.

3D projection dancers for conference events, parties and more

Our 3D projection dancers are excellent performers with a skill for crafting unique performances. Merging a normal dance show with a creative range of 3D mapping equipment, this performance is phenomenal.

Another popular use for our 3D projection dancers is as entertainment for hire for private events. Usually, as the main stage show for the night, our 3D projection dancers will be the highlight of your event.

Light shows for events

Light shows for events have become more and more popular for large scale events, but can be used perfectly for smaller scale events also. For example, our light shows can be used for smaller private events, providing we have large enough area to perform.

By using light shows for events, you add a unique element to your function that makes it stand out from the other events using projection mapping services.

If you would like more information about our projection mapping services or the bespoke shows we can offer for events, then please contact us today.


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