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Mirror Dance Group

Our Dance Group made it to the “Got Talent” finals and will blow your audience away with their mirror dance show.

Our dance group show looks amazing on stage due to their reflective clothing – the strobe lights that aim towards the stage bounce off of their clothing, creating some amazing visual effects.

As a result, this stunning, unique dance show will create a huge impact on your event. Above all, it will make a statement at your next event – your audience will be left with goosebumps.

The dancers have a vast amount of experience performing on several TV shows and working with huge corporations such as Microsoft and Samsung. The background of this futuristic dance group gives you confidence that they will put on a fantastic show at your event. They always put on a stunning performance.

Reasons to Book our dance group

  • Our futuristic dance group travels worldwide to provide their act, to the likes of Japan and Germany.
  • Proven act – our unique dance show has been on TV, starring in “Got Talent”.
  • Our dancers perform for the likes of Microsoft and Samsung.
  • A visually stunning act – our mirror dance show wear reflective outfits that give a stunning effect.
  • Their light dance show routines can change to suit your event needs, making them suitable for several event types.

The dance show is a great option for keeping your guests entertained throughout your event. With plenty of routine options, you can choose a routine that suits your event and the energy you want to create. The high energy nature of our unique dance show is perfect for keeping your audience engaged. Their unique, high-impact outfits make this futuristic show so special and gives them an event to remember. You can see a full video of the show in action below.

This act was breath-taking and was a fantastic addition to our event in hamburg last winter.

HSBC – Helen Parson

Watch our mirror dance show in action!

Watch as our unique dance show put on a thrilling show for their audience live at an event. You can see the visual impact their outfits create for the light dance show – the way the lights bounce off them. You can also see the way the group dance show are synchronized with each other, and the way this makes their unique dance show really stand out and look amazing on stage.

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This futuristic dance group is the perfect addition to any event if you want to make it special and an event your guests will remember. With their unique outfits and impressive skills, they will not fail to put on a show for you and your guests.

Our light dance show has been at several high-profile events, such as being finalists in the massive talent shows “Got Talent” and “Got To Talent”. Our mirror dance show also took 1st place in the World Dance Championships in Croatia in 2013.

Following these achievements, this light dance show was also invited to star on the huge TV programmes “Britain’s Got Talent” and “America’s Got Talent”.

On top of this, our mirror dance show has also worked with huge corporations such as Microsoft and Samsung. The background of this futuristic dance group gives you confidence that they will put on a fantastic show at your event.

This group dance show also gives you endless possibilities, meaning the light dance show are able to cater to a variety of events.

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This mirror dance show are available for hire

The futuristic dance group can put up graphics on the screen behind them, showing logos, images or text, giving you endless options of what you want to put on the screen.

Live musicians can also perform live with our mirror dance show, making it a unique and special show for the audience. Being that our group dance show members are also multi-skilled, it allows more options for your event.

The high energy nature of our unique dance show is perfect for getting an audience entertained and energised for the duration of the event. Their unique, high-impact outfits are what makes this futuristic dance group so special, as it enables stunning visuals for this group dance show.

For more information on this light dance show, or if you are just interested in acts like this unique dance show, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team.

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