Shadow Show Act

This extremely talented, one-of-a-kind hand shadow act for hire will be a truly unique and impressive addition to any event.

This silhouette show will amaze your audience; he will create shapes and characters with just his two hands in ways you didn’t think were possible.

Suitable for all audiences, no matter what age or gender, our shadow show for hire will leave your guests with an experience to remember and will add a theatrical element to any event. This is a one-of-a-kind shadow theatre act.

Reasons to Book Our Shadow Show ACt:

  • Suitable for all audiences – Adults and Children
  • Truly unique, hand shadow stage show – he will leave your audience amazed
  • A proven, well-experienced hand shadow act
  • The UK’s only full-time silhouette show
  • Beautiful, theatrical addition to any event
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Watch Our Shadow Show in action!

Watch as our hand shadow act catches the eyes of his delighted audience with his mind-blowing talent of creating wonderful creatures with just his two hands and a shadow. The shadow theatre act has a friendly personality and uses his warm humour to that really captivate his audience. Watch the positive feedback his audience give him from his silhouette show.

The wild and whacky shapes and characters the shadow show act create are wonderful, and will really make you question how it is possible. If you are looking for a shadow stage show, look no further.

Do not hesitate to get in contact with our team about this hand shadow act, or shadow theatre acts in general, and give your guests an experience to remember.

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Our very own silhouette show for hire will bring a truly unique experience to your event. This shadow show act makes the impossible possible. He will create shapes with his two hands that you wouldn’t think are possible – our shadow theatre act creates birds that morph into swans, creates fictional characters and tells stories with just his two hands.

This hand shadow stage show will leave your audience clapping in amazement at his unique and wonderful talent. It sounds very simple, creating shapes on a wall with just a backdrop and light, but our hand shadow act has a personality that will really intrigue your audience. Our silhouette show is a must for any event.

This silhouette show will please any audience; our shadow show has an appealing, warm sense of humour that will really engage and entertain any audience. The shadow theatre act can be used for any event, with the hand shadow stage show ranging anywhere between five and forty-five minutes in duration, meeting the requirements of any event.

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Make your event one to be remembered with our Shadow Show!

The theatrical quality and character of the hand shadow act will really make your event special, and something to be remembered by your guests, no matter the age. Our silhouette show has the only full-time shadow show artist in the UK and has perfected the skill over many years – there is a reason he is the only full-time act.

What’s more, this hand shadow show act does not only do shadow theatre, he also creates bespoke pieces for special events and can even make portraits of famous people on request. Our shadow theatre act does it all and can be used at a variety of events.

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