Boiler Dessert station

Take one mad scientist, then take his love of foods, then….well then you get this unique blend of science and gastronomy. this is one of the most theatrical food stations you and your guests will ever have the pleasure of viewing and even taking part in. Feast your eyes on the boiler station which has been retro fitted to create tasty treats such as nitrous ice creams, lollipops and a whole lot more

The concept: Crossing mad science with gastronomy to create delicious treats through a show of food magic.

The science: We can’t tell you that!

The creator : Teaming up with Visionary Chef of the year Sujan Sarkar, we are constantly pushing the boundaries.

The impact:Our meticulous attention to detail will tantalises the senses and make this a truly memorable experience for your guests.

The chefs spend a lot of time experimenting from the deep depths of Their boiler room. They got where they are today by spending a LOT of time tinkering around with test tubes and salivating over solutions and reckon we have come up with some pretty splendiferous treats designed to entice your guests and delight their palettes.

With their simple, fun but literally explosive combination we think that your party will be the talk of town for months to come!

Here are the creations we have prodded at and mulled over, and executed to gastronomic perfection…

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Now to get your guests in truly rapturous fits of laughter, we’ve devised a simple, fun but literally explosive combination. These are just some of the creations that our Boiler station is able to create.

Nitrogen Meringue – poached at minus 196C the subtle flavours of lemon, beetroot, apple and blackberry(Bramble to you Scots!) melts on the tongue as you exhale a vapour trail to send your friends into fits of giggles!
Bacon and Egg ICE CREAM! – created before your eyes using liquid nitrogen, the intriguing savoury egg ice cream is topped with dehydrated bacon shards to create a weird but definitely wonderful taste.
Mojito Instant Sorbet – definitely one for those who like a wee tipple. We can create your favourite cocktail on the spot in a unique, fun and interactive display.
Mango Bubble – using the techniques of reverse spherification we can take any liquid and wrap it inside itself! Our mango bubble with edible flowers is a fantastic combination that will surprise your guests as it explodes with flavour in their mouth.
For a tailored molecular menu for desserts, canapes or a fine dining experience like no other contact our team.

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